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hey, my name is bernhard. living in austria and talk from time to time about tech and other interesting projects of mine.
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bunny cdn, the cdn for everyone

Just a quick info about something super cool I found the last few days: bunny cdn. Available at

connect sharepoint documents on linux / mac os with rclone

I recently got an old 2012 MacBook Pro, upgraded it with an ssd and ram. I always wanted to try Ubuntu as a daily driver and so now I have Ubuntu on the machine. Long story short I have several sharepoint sites set up and want to set up the documents (files) on my MacBook, unfortunately there is no simple GUI for this and generally for the simple user no cool way to set this up easily.

integrating cloud print was a mistake

As you might have gathered from previous blog posts, I work for a fashion company and have taken over the technical support of their online shop, fixing or implementing any vulnerabilities or technical improvements.

stackbit: fastest way to your jamstack

as you may have heard, jamstack is the future of the web, now the only question is, how the hell do i get a jamstack?

dammit damaged apps in BigSur..

as mentioned in my first blogpost I have updated my Macbook. Since then I try to install the Mac Apps again. It feels like half of the apps can no longer be installed from my backup. Always this stupid message that the app is damaged. But it is not the well-known error of the gatekeeper of Mac OS, in the security settings was nothing to find. Here now briefly the solution, it is this command:

game screen mirroring: install moonlight on your raspberry

moonlight is a rebuild of the nvidia launched streaming protocol, you can easily stream your pc gaming content (audio+video) to your screen attached to the rasperry pi. also you can plug in your controller to the pi and it gets connected to your pc trough the pi. input lag is "ok", no shooter possible but casual games are pretty fun with it, smooth too!

interesting find: easy 3d design for designing clothes

because i have a large client in the fashion industry and am almost permanently employed by them (by now), i am always looking around to optimize or improve their technical processes. one of the client's concerns for a long time has been to optimize the design processes, for which i have always asked myself the question: and that's what you come to me with? I am a technician, not a designer.

new beginning and constant blogging.. yeah sure!

because i've always been a lazy bastard when it comes to blogging, let's try a new start in all things. this will be my bin for thoughts, maybe it will help one or the other. first of all, there's an update to bigsur, hope my old macbook can handle everything without problems, i haven't read any reviews or anything regarding... hopefully i won't be disappointed. ofc it wasn't bigsur before.